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uAchieve Degree Audit


uAchieve is the powerful degree audit application used to track degree completion and certify students for graduation. The user-friendly web interface makes understanding a uAchieve degree audit simple:

uAchieve degree audit interface.jpg

The robust nature of the uAchieve degree audit:

  • Provides real-time integration with existing student information systems
  • Facilitates multiple majors, minors, concentrations, and other supplemental information
  • Enables “what-if” scenario planning
  • Handles exceptions, substitutions, waivers, test scores, non-course requirements, etc.
  • Offers text, PDF, and HTML formatting options
  • Provides NCAA tracking for athletic eligibility and financial aid verification
  • Simplifies analysis of degree audit data with a report template library
  • Allows students to quickly view how their courses match against another degree program


►Get started with the uAchieve Quick Start Guide



Deep Dive 

For a deeper dive into our product documentation including DARwin, please visit our Support Center

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