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New in 4.5.2

With the updated Transfer-institutions.xml file from Transferology, we now accommodate handling of the converting to CEEB and OPEID codes.

This new property was added in It may be set to blank, but needs to be set for Transcript Importer:

Supported standardized institutional code identifiers

When defined, will automatically convert institution ID, regardless of instidq= property as the qualifier

  • ATP
  • FICE
  • ACT

One scenario illustrating when to define this is when all encoding is done under INSTIDQ of 73 (representing FICE), but the school IDs being used for SOURCE_ID for IREFs and TAs are encoded with IPEDS. OR no qualifier determined for code set (OPEID).

Qualifiers and their code identifier:  71:IPEDS, 72:ATP, 73:FICE, 74:ACT, 78:CEEBACT

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