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Transcript Importer's Upgrade Guide, Dashboard 4.5



Follow the steps below before proceeding with setup of the Transcript Importer:

Step 1: Download and Unzip Dashboard

  1. Download the attached file
  2. Unzip the file and navigate to the new created dashboard-4.5 folder. In the folder, you should see the following items:
    1. config folder
    2. dashboard.war
    3. docs
    4. sql

Step 2: Run the Scripts

  1. Navigate to the sql folder. It should contain folders for three different databases: orcalemssql, and db2. Navigate to the update folder for your database type (Oracle is recommended, since this is the database we completed scripts for at this time)
  2. In the Update folder, you should see scripts for each past and future version–only run the newer scripts

    NOTE: 4.4.1  If you are on 4.4.1, you need to run the following scripts:

    1. suite_4_4_2_[database]_update.sql
    2. suite_4_5_[database]_update.sql

Step 3: Grab the Reports

  1. Grab the report-ctx.xml after running the scripts since that is database version-specific
  2. Locate the database vendor-specific report-ctx.xml file from the directly you just ran the scripts for
  3. Copy and paste that file into the <dashboardRoot>WEB-INF/classes/ctx/ directory

Step 4: Configure Dashboard Files

The required files that need to be configured will be found in the config folder in the

  1. Move the security-ctx.xml for your specific implementation from config/security/implementation into the dashboard/WEB-INF/classes/ctx
  2. (Optional) If you install with WebLogic: The base installation of Dashboard contains the directory dashboard-4.4\config\weblogic that contains two files specific to WebLogic:
    1.  jasper-compiler-jdt-5.5.23.jar must be placed in dashboard\WEB-INF\lib 
    2. weblogic.xml must be placed in dashboard\WEB-INF\

  3. Update the file with the location where your CSIHome folder currently exists in 4.4.1 and the daversion

  4. Update the log4j2.xml appender locations to the logs folder in the CSIHome directory location (line 85 and 86 for file name and file pattern in the log4j2.xml)

Step 5: Deploy Dashboard

  1. Move the following (new) file from the config/CSIHome/transfer folder into your existing CSIHOME directory, creating a transfer directory within to include the file in: 

    1. Transfer-Institutions.xml

  2. Move the following files from the config folder into dashboard/WEB-INF/classes/ctx:
    2. log4j2.xml

NOTE: None of the files in the CSIHOME folder from 4.4.1 will require reconfiguration. Additionally, none of your Admin configs in the database should require reconfiguration.

Step 6: Setup Transcript Importer

NOTE: Upgrading from 4.4?

The following only applies to clients upgrading from 4.4.x to 4.5, since the CSIHome directory location should already be defined:

Move that file from the provided config/CSIHome/transfer directory in the 4.5 release distribution, to your already existing CSIHome directory location. In your existing CSIHome directory, you will need to create the transfer directory, to then place the Transfer-Institutions.xml into it.

  1. Apply the Product Keys
    1. As of the 4.5 release, we provide a product key to gain access to certain applications and functionalities, e.g. Transcript Importer, Batch
    2. Product keys will be provided via email when the institution is ready
    3. Once you receive your product key, log in to Dashboard application and navigate to the Product Key in the Admin Help area


      Restart the Dashboard application to activate the new product key.

  2. Give users Security Access
    1. New app function in 4.5 called DASH_TRANSCRIPT_IMPORTER
    2. Navigate to the Security area (Roles from the menu drop-down) to updated any role you want to have access to Transcript Importer by allowing "Full" access to to the above function.TI security.jpg
    3. You must logout/log back in for these changes to be picked up on the users
      1. Check settings on your Hello World page
  3. You should now have access to the Transcript Importer page (under Tools in the menu bar)

    • Three drop-down options are available: Unmatched Transcripts, Upload Transcripts, and Transcript Logs

      1. Unmatched Transcripts

        1. Any transcripts without matched students are listed in a table format:











          Match the selected transcript to a student

      2. Upload Transcripts

        Use the Upload Transcripts option to submit a student transcript to the Transcript Importer manually:

        1. Select a transcript file to upload by locating it through the Browse... field ()

        2. Navigate to the file location

        3. Select the Upload button () to manually upload the student transcript

      3. Transcript Logs

        Logs track any action that occurs and are saved in a table to view, filter, and search:

        Use the Expand/Collapse button () to view multiple logs for the same student. For example, expand the logs for student "Emma Stiler" to view all of her transcript logs (below):

  4. Admin Configs
    1. New Admin Help area for Transcript Importer in 4.5 allows configuration of how transfer evaluations run when a new transcript is imported
  5. Sample URL for POST request to Transcript Importer:
    1. Pass XML file
    2. Pass STUNO from uAchieve STU_MASTER table
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