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Product Keys


A product key (also known as a software key or license key) is a long string of encrypted letters and numbers you must enter in the software installation process to activate a feature.

The key ensures that your institution is authorized to use the licensed feature and that use is within copyright restrictions. Product keys require activation, which is the process of entering the license key to "turn on" the full set of designated features made available with the key.

NOTE: At this time, product keys are only required for Batch and Transcript Importer.


New in 4.5.2!

Product Keys are now restricted to the current release version or the product's subscription expiration date.

  • Upon expiration, product keys will need to be reapplied in My Profile


The uAchieve 4.5 release is the first release to implement the use of a product key to enable access to a select set of features, application, functionality, or component. 

Product Keys are backwards compatible, working in any uAchieve version from most recent back to 4.5.

About Product Licenses

A product license require an up-front investment on the part of the institution, followed by a small annual maintenance fee. This is opposed to subscription-based products like Transferology. Once purchased and activated, a product license is renewed annually. Clients will received a message as a reminder to renew a product license. A new product key will be generated and may be applied by following the steps below:

Apply Your Product Key

  1. CollegeSource will provide the product key to your institution via email when it is ready. Your product key is generated specific to your institution; do not share your product key!

    My Profile

  2. View/retrieve your encrypted license key in the My Profile area of the Support Center
    1. Log into the CollegeSource Support Center with your username/password credentials

      Don't have an account? Go directly to the Request Account form:

      Alternately, you may also proceed directly to the My Profile URL at

    2. From the My Profile page, you may access options including profiles for your user and institution, as well as workshop sign-ups:

    3. From the Institution Profile menu, access information pertaining to groups, products, and product keys:
      • The Product Information area is populated by Salesforce
    4. Select the Institution Profile link to view your product and licensing information; product key details are in the Product Information section
    5. The product key is disabled so that you may copy/paste
  3. Navigate to the Admin area of Dashboard application
  4. Select the Product Keys option from the menu, then the Enter Product Key drop-down 
  5. Paste the copied product key into the text field:


  6. Save changes ()
  7. Restart your Dashboard application after saving changes in order to activate the product key
  8. Once the license is activated, a product licensing statement is displayed at the bottom of the application page. In the following example, the application is licensed to the University of Toledo:



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