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Transcript Importer FAQs


View frequently asked questions and answers for the new Transcript Importer below:

Q: I want to use Transcript Importer–how do I get started?

A: Using Transcript Importer requires:

  • uAchieve version 4.5.2 or later AND the transfer articulation (TA) functionality within uAchieve
  • Use of one of the following supported institutional identification codes:
    • FICE
    • IPEDS
    • ATP
    • ACT
    • CEEB
    • OPEID
  • The ability to receive PESC-formatted XML transcript data from a transcript processing service or central repository
  • An annual subscription agreement
    • After subscribing, you'll receive a product key that's required to access Transcript Importer functionality. To learn more about subscribing, contact

Q: Is it possible to install Transcript Importer with an earlier version of uAchieve?

A: Transcript Importer requires uAchieve version 4.5.2 or later.

Q: What exactly is involved with initial installation and configuration of the Transcript Importer?

A: Use of Transcript Importer requires installation and configuration of the 4.5.2 version of the Dashboard component of uAchieve, along with updating Dashboard security settings to allow appropriate permissions of Transcript Importer functionality. CollegeSource will work with your institution's project team to ensure that Transcript Importer's web service is functioning appropriately. The institution is responsible for delivering XML transcripts along with corresponding student numbers to uAchieve. CollegeSource will also conduct quality control and provide your institution with production migration instructions, as needed. A full list of CollegeSource and institutional deliverables are outlined in the subscription agreement.

Q: Does transcript format matter?

A: Yes. Transcript Importer requires standard PESC-formatted XML transcripts, which is a common format among most transcript processing services and centralized repositories.

Q: I am very interested in the new Transcript Importer. How can I learn more?

A: We would love to hear from you! Contact to learn more about subscribing!


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