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Transcript Importer Web Services Guide



Web Service Request


POST /dashboard/transcript_importer_upload.html

The above URL is the only web service currently provided by the transcript importer. It is where you will POST xml transcripts to be imported into the uAchieve table. 


Authorization: Basic anVzdGluOm5vdFJlYWxQYXNzd29yZA==

The only header attribute expected in the request is the Authorizations attribute where you add a basic auth containing a colon-separated username and password that is base64 encoded. For example, to create the above encoded string you would do:

“Basic ” + encoder.encodeBase64String(“username:password”)

Currently on the application side the username and password are statically set in the XML file to only be used for this web service. The XML file where these two properties can be found is college-transcript-transformer-ctx.xml located in dashboard/WEB-INF/classes/


Below are what the exact properties look like in the file that need to be set:

<property name="username" value="username" />

<property name="password" value="password" />



The body of the request only contains three attributes:

  1. file is the upload of the actual XML transcript
  2. Content-Type is used to specify the request that contains the XML data
  3. stuno is the student ID of the stu_master record that you want this transcript imported into
    1. If this field is missing or left blank, the transcript will automatically go to the unmatched transcript table where it will need to be manually matched to a stu_master record.

Web Service Response

The response from the web service will contain a JSON object that has four attributes:


The attribute that contains the file name of the file that was uploaded with the request


The actual id found in the documentID attribute of the xml transcript. This is also the id we use in our transcript importer logs and unmatched table. So you can use this as a tracking id for how the document was processed


May contain two status types error or success. If the status returned is success then the transcript either uploaded successfully into stu_master or the unmatched_transcripts table based on if a record was found for the stuno provided. If the status returned error then one of a handful of errors occurred during the upload of transcript, for example it already exists in the unmatched table or there was parsing errors with the file itself.


Contains more detailed information about the status of the transcript uploaded.

These four attributes provide detailed information regarding how the import request was received and processed.

Example HTTP Request (Generated by Postman)

Example Client Java Code (Generated by Postman)

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