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What is a Degree Audit?


What is a "Degree Audit?"

At its most basic, a degree audit is an on-demand report of a student's progress to graduation. It also provides automated data for graduation clearance. The purpose of the degree audit system is to quickly identify "gaps" between fulfilled and unfulfilled requirements that stand in the way of graduation. The audit is a critical resource for faculty, advisors, and administrators to help students down the path to graduation.

The uAchieve degree audit displays several areas of the chosen program of study to track this path to graduation:

  • taken courses
  • accrued credits
  • courses yet to be completed

A uAchieve degree audit provides an interactive, at-a-glance visual progress with color-colded charts and graphs:

uAchieve degree audit example.jpg


A detailed text-based rendering of the audit displays below, that can be expanded out for greater detail depending on institution preference:

Degree Audit detailed expanded.jpg


Audit as an Advising Tool

Advisors can run real-time audits for their students to help guide them in course selections or to help with waivers or exceptions (as permitted):

Degree Audit exception example.jpg


Students and advisors can work together to explore "what-if" scenarios: how a student's courses might apply to different programs when considering changing majors:

Degree Audit what if example.jpg


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