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Creating Exceptions From the Audit


This document is supplemental functional documentation to the Staff User Guide on a newer feature in u.achieve Self-Service: Creating Exceptions from the Audit.

Enter Exception Mode allows Staff to enter exceptions quickly and more easily, directly from the audit. Previously in the Self-Service, entering exceptions required extensive knowledge of exceptions on the part of the Staff. The new Enter Exception Mode feature guides Staff through exception creation in a step-by-step way by specifying the type of change and then verifying/saving. Important points to keep in mind while working in Enter Exception Mode:

  • Changes made in Enter Exception Mode will not appear on the audit until a new audit is run; new exception(s) will then be applied.
  • All changes made to the student audit in Enter Exception Mode will affect the student record. Implemented changes will appear in the u.achieve Self-Service Client immediately upon Save.
  • Pseudo courses are required in order to set an exception; without a pseudo course, exception buttons will not appear and functionality will be absent in Enter Exception Mode.

For now, see the Create Exceptions From the Audit section in the user guide.

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