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Multiple InstIDs



New in 4.5.1  Multiple InstIDs are allowed per user and handled within a single installation of uAchieve Self-Service.

Multiple InstIDs per User

Self-Service is the only application that supports login of multiple institutions.

When defining the Institution Code property in Security area for group and user, keeping the InstCD value set to NULL will mean something different than explicitly setting it to blank or some other value. (Defining an InstCD for each new institution prevents setting to "Default College," if configured.)


Setting InstIDQ and InstID and then leaving InstCD set to NULL will create a drop-down option of all InstCDs configured in for CollegeSource.instcds= using the configured description for each contained within

Not Null

Setting InstIDQ, InstID, and InstCD to specific value, meaning InstCD is NOT NULL will not even look at InstCDs configured in for CollegeSource.instcds= and will only provide an option for the specified InstCD in drop-down and using the description for it from Institution Code property directly.


' * ' vs NULL
For future consideration, may change to an asterisk (*) instead of NULL for InstCD when setting this property to avoid confusion.



Configuring Year/Term Dropdown and Inclusion of Terms

New in 4.5.3  Users now have more finite control in configuring year/term drop-downs and term selections in Self-Service:

  • Institutions can now configure year/term dropdown values in the database as opposed to in the XML files. Separate options may be set between advisors and students.
  • Institutions can now configure the number of terms to include, going backward and forward



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