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Program Mappings

Program Mappings (formerly known as "Crosswalk Mappings") are degree program mappings between u.achieve and an external interface.

Click the Program Mappings button () on the Self-Service home page to redirect to Program Mappings.

Alternately, select the Program Mappings option from the Tools drop-down menu:


The Program Mappings page displays with a list of existing program mappings and various functions, including filtering, adding, and deleting:

Program Mappings Columns

Additional details about program mappings are found in several columns, the majority of which may be clicked to sort the table data:


School of the program mapping (if applicable)


Hyperlinked Program numbers may be selected to route the user to the Program Mapping Details screen:



The campus location of the school


The college of the school


The major


The degree program


Concentration (if any) for the degree program


Education level, e.g., UG (undergraduate)

Activity Date

Activity Date date and time in the following format:

mm/dd/yyyy   h:mm AM/PM


User ID of the invidual who created the program mapping


One Edit button () per each program mapping


One delete checkbox () per each program mapping. To delete an existing program mapping, select the Delete checkbox for the program mapping it is associated with and click the Delete button (). A green confirmation bubble confirms the deletion of the program mapping:

Filter Program Mappings

Control the display of the program mappings table by filtering by College, Major, and/or Degree. Options for each filter appear in the drop-down menu are enumerated:

Add Program Mappings

To create a new program mapping, the Add Program Mapping button () directs users to the Add Program Mappings page, where fields may be customized with the following information:

  • Program
  • Campus
  • College
  • Major
  • Degree
  • Concentration
  • Level

Click Save Program Mapping () to save the new program mapping or Cancel () to exit out of the screen without saving changes.

For technical information, see Program Mapping Forms.


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