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Audit Results Tab


When viewing an HTML audit in Self-Service, requirements and applied courses for the student are displayed on the Audit Results tab (by default):

The default display of the HTML audit in Self-Service (per the screenshot above) is the Default Style. You may control the display of the audit by changing your style selection (upper right):


Default Style

(light coral color )

High Contrast Style

(dark coral color)

  • Color alone differentiates categories

New in 4.5

  •  Visual patterns added to charts and graphs to provide additional visual cues for differentiation between categories to aid accessibility


The level of drill-down on the bar graphs at the top of the audit page controls the display of the requirements sections at the bottom of the audit page.

Use the Open All Sections/Close All Sections buttons () near the top of HTML audit to expand all and collapse all for easier viewing.



Requirements make up the audit that you view when you log in to uAchieve Self-Service. Requirements are broken down into Sub-requirements and then Courses. You can Expand () and Collapse () the Requirements to view them in a more concise manner.

HTML Audit example PDF Audit example


Audit format (PDF or HTML) in Self-Service is set using the COPY2 COM setting.


Courses on the SELECT FROM: line on the HTML audit appear underlined because they are hyperlinked to additional course information. Click on a course of interest to view the course information in a separate pop-up window.

Course Information Window

The course information pop-up contains detailed information related to the selected course on the HTML audit, which may include some of the following:

  • Course Department and Course Number (Course Credit Hours)
  • Course Title
  • Course Description
  • Pre-requisites
  • MnTC Goal Areas
  • General Ed Categories
  • Course Availability table

If interested, the course may be added as a planned course via the Add button at the top of the window.

Course Availability

At the bottom of the course information window, the Course Availability area displays a chronological list of Terms/Years that are stamped according to availability of the selected course within each.

Three options are displayed: Course Not Offered, Course Offered, and Course Availability Unknown.

Icon Description
Course Not Offered
Course Offered
Course Availability Unknown


Click the Close button () on the Course Information window to return to the previous screen.

For technical documentation on course links in Self-Service, click here.



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