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Customizing the Audit Legend


Some institutions may want to modify the status legend shown beneath HTML audits in Self-Service. The default legend is shown below:

  • Complete: Hours completed
  • In Progress: Hours currently taking (i.e., not yet completed)
  • Unfulfilled: Hours needed but not yet completed
  • Planned: Hours planned to be taken

Note that if you have an older version of Self-Service installed, then the legend may contain different a default color selection.

The colors, text, and images for the legend can be customized. The code that controls the legend can be found in the statusLegend and statusx macros of the html_macros.ftl file.

Modifying Color

The CSS classes used to style the audit legend are contained in base.css. By default, there are four entries in this file that control the look of the legend:




Controls the overall look of the legend (e.g., borders, padding, width)

.legend h3

Controls the style of the legend header

.legend .entry

Controls the appearance of each entry in the legend div

.legend .image

Controls the display of the images used for each status

Modifying Text

A snippet of code from html_macros.ftl is shown below. To modify the label at the top of the legend, modify the text between the h3 tags. To modify the text for the statuses, modify the text outlined in red in the image below.

Modifying Images

By default, Self-Service uses the following images in the legend:

  • titlebar_status_complete_small.gif
  • titlebar_status_in_progress_small.gif
  • titlebar_status_none_small.gif
  • titlebar_status_planned_small.gif
  • titlebar_status_unfulfilled_small.gif

These images are located in the /images/redwhale directory of Self-Service. To display different images, overwrite the existing images.

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