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Charts and Graphs


Charts and graphs on the Self-Service audit provide an interactive way to "drill down" into student audit data. Charts and graphs are designed using Flot, a Javascript plotting library for jQuery. Flot allows for easier, cleaner configuration and customization that was not previously possible when charts and graphs were built using Corda. As a result, Flot replaced Corda in the Self-Service 4.3 release.

If your school has enabled this feature of Self-Service, near the top of the HTML audit are a pie chart and graphs illustrating student Hours and GPA:

Several charts and graphs settings are configurable in the Admin help area.


The legend colors/display is also customizable.


Charts and graphs are controlled by settings within uAchieve, particularly Chart Categories which are defined in the Chart Categories table and added to each degree program requirement. Both charts and graphs are interactive; hover with the mouse to view the tooltip containing specific data:


Graphs are also clickable: click directly on the bar graphs to "drill down" and view categories, requirements, and sub-requirements.


Track your progress through the levels of the bar graphs by following the breadcrumbs. Graphs can be drilled down up to four levels:

  • Audit
    • Category
      • Requirements
        • Subrequirements


You can also jump between levels by clicking directly on the breadcrumb hyperlink:

In, a new config to set GPAs on the charts and graphs can be set to ensure correct display. For example: your institution's GPA scale goes up to 4.5 but the graph only goes to 4.0, resulting in poor or errant display. See Graph Settings.

Alternately, your school may choose to turn off the charts and graphs altogether in their custom settings. 

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