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Notifications such as Comments may be entered by both students and staff (Admin) in uAchieve Self-Service via the Comments tab on the menu bar. Comments are unique to each student.

Comments are flagged in ALL CAPS according to whom the Comment was directed toward (e.g., To ADVISORSTo PRIVATETo STUDENT). Individual Comments have their own set of management buttons to Reply, Edit, and Delete comments: 

Reply to Comment

To reply to a previous Comment with another Comment, click the Reply () button.

Edit Comment

To edit an existing Comment, click the Edit () button.

Delete Comment

To delete a Comment, click the Delete () button.

You will not be prompted to confirm the deletion, so be careful.


Add New Comment

To create a new Comment in Self-Service, click the Add New Comment button (). A form is generated to complete to enter comments and specify with whom the comment is shared:

Logged in Advisors will see three options:

  • Private (self)
  • To: Student
  • To: Other Advisors


Logged in Students will only see two options:

  • Private (self)
  • To: Advisors

Click Save () to keep the Comment or Cancel to discard.

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