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Courses allow advisors to manage up to three types of student courses:

  • home courses
  • transfer courses
  • planned courses


 After selecting a student, a user with access to the Courses menu of Self-Service will see these options in the drop-down menu:

Any options displayed under the Courses menu are viewable by permissions set in the Dashboard.

Home Courses

From the Courses menu drop-down, select Home:

Home Courses (as opposed to Transfer Courses) are courses students take at their own institution. Whereas the list of the applied courses on the View Audit page combines all of the courses a student has taken, regardless of whether they are Transfer Courses or Home Courses, here they are separated to provide an easy view. 

In addition, if permissions are set to "Create" in security, an Add Course button will appear on the Completed Coursework page:

Add Home Courses

With access to add coursework, keep in mind you will be adding the coursework to the student's actual record since Self-Service writes back to uAchieve, which in turn writes back to your Student Information System.

Click Add Course. A short form will display above the table where you can enter the information for the Home Course you wish to add by the following fields:

  • Term
  • Course
  • RCredit
  • Grade
  • Title
  • Pflg
  • Iflg1
  • Seq

Click Add to List to add the course. Or, click Return to return to the previous Completed Coursework screen.

Edit Home Courses

With permission to update, you may edit existing courses on the Edit Course page as indicated by the Edit column: 

Click the Edit icon () to access a short form for editing course parameters including:

  • Cd
  • Term
  • CourseTitle
  • Grade
  • Credit
  • Pflg
  • iflg1
  • Seq

Click Save to conserve edits to the course parameters. Or, click Cancel to remove edits and return to the previous Completed Coursework page.

Delete Home Courses

You may also have permission to delete courses. As is the case with editing course, to delete a course will delete it from the student's record.

Transfer Courses

From the Courses menu drop-down, select Transfer:

Transfer generates a list of transfer coursework a student has on his or her record. The school from which the student transferred will be listed by whatever is encoded in uAchieve for that school's Source ID.

As is the case with other Self-Service functionalities, you will see this option displayed if you have permissions. If the option is visible in the menu bar, you have at least view permission for this information.

Add Transfer Courses

If you have permission to add transfer coursework, an Add Transfer Course button () displays on the Completed Transfer Coursework page. Click Add Transfer Course to be directed to a short form where you may enter information for the transfer course you wish to add. Adding a Transfer Course is similar to adding a Home Course, except that you must specify the school's Source ID in the School drop-down menu for the course to be processed as a transfer course.

Run a Transfer Evaluation to see how the added course affects the student record.

Edit Transfer Courses

Edit Transfer Courses allows you to edit existing transfer coursework:

Click the Edit button in the Edit column for the Transfer Course you wish to edit.

Delete Transfer Courses

The Delete Transfer Courses feature allows you to delete transfer courses from the student's record.

Click Delete to delete a completed Transfer Course. Deleting a Transfer Course will also delete the Transfer Course from the student record.

Use the select all/select none hyperlink to select several transfer courses for simultaneous deletion.

Run Transfer Evaluations

From the Transfer drop-down option on the Courses menu, you will have access to Transfer Evaluations if a Run Transfer Evaluation button is displayed:


Click Run Transfer Evaluation. You may see a temporary message on-screen while the transfer articulation loads:


The Transfer Coursework screen appears, populated with student coursework that has been transferred in from other institutions (a green succcess bubble alerts the user to the success transfer articulation):


Some of the Transfer Coursework listed may have been previously evaluated. If you have permissions to create and update transfer evaluations, you will be able to Edit evaluated coursework on this screen. You can also Run Transfer Evaluation from this screen; courses will be run through the transfer evaluation process every time one is run (unless the course is Locked). Like almost of Self-Service, the Transfer Coursework screen is fully customizable by your school. The headings displayed at the top of the page may be turned off/on, depending upon your school's preferences.

Below are a list of functions you may perform with transfer evaluations:

Function Screenshot Definition
Export All    
Lock/Unlock All  
  • Locked: selected courses will not be re-articulated when another evaluation is run
  • Unlocked: selected courses will be re-articulated when another evaluation is run

Expand/collapse portions of the transfer evaluation table to control the displayed area; this can be very useful in long transfer evaluation tables

The generated table is completely expanded, by default




Institution 002332 is collapsed:


Institution 002332 is expanded:



Certify tracks the status of an evaulation for posting back into the SIS to update a student record

  • Original
  • Marked
  • Soft
  • Permanent

In the Course column, click the blue course hyperlink to view the indepth Course Details page; click Done when finished to return to the transfer evaluations table


Add Target Course In the Title column, click the blue hyperlink to Add Target Course
Edit Target Course    


Planned Courses

From the Courses menu drop-down, select Planned:

uAchieve Self-Service allows for some "What-If" scenarios, one of which is the ability to add planned courses. Add Planned Courses allows Advisors (and students) to add courses to an audit in a "Planned" to simulate their effect on the overall audit. From the Planned Coursework screen, click the Add Planned Course button:

You will be directed to a short form above the planned courses area to input information on the "Planned" course you wish to add. Parameters such as Grade, for example, may be manipulated to view changes affect overall GPA:

Courses listed in the Planned Coursework table only appear on a audit that is specifically run to include planned courses–not on a normal audit run. However, remember that the last run audit for the student is the one displayed when you pull up a student record in Self-Service. Thus, if they run an audit that includes planned courses, that would be the one you would see when you logged in. This is another reasons why it is good practice to always run a new audit when viewing a student's record in Self-Service.


Again, the ability to Add, Edit, or Delete planned courses is dependent upon security permissions.

To edit, click the Edit button next to the Planned Course which you want to edit:


To delete, check the Delete checkbox next to the Planed Course you wish to delete and then click the Delete button:


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