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Security Definitions Cross-App Master List


This page provides an inclusive list of all security definitions in all uAchieve components by App Function:


APP FUNCTION DEFINITION Dashboard uAchieve Self-Service uAchieve Planner Schedule Builder
CS_ADMIN_FUNCTIONAL Allows the user to access all admin functions except the logging area x x x x
CS_ADMIN_TECHNICAL Allows the user to access only the logging area–no admin functions x x x x
CS_ROLE_ANONYMOUS Allows the user access to the "Access Denied" page. A user with CS_ROLE_ANONYMOUS with READ set to FULL can access the login screen without the "Access Denied" error. x x x x
CS_ROLE_STAFF Allows the user to access the staff menu within the application x x x x
CS_ROLE_STUDENT Allows the user to access the student menu within the application x x x x
CS_ROLE_USER Allows the user to gain entry into the application. Every user MUST have this role and must have CREATE set to FULL x x x x
DASH_AUDIT_COMPARE Controls access to the Audit Comparison Tool x      
DASH_REPORTS Controls access to generating Reports x      
DASH_TRANSCRIPT_IMPORTER Controls access to importing student transcripts x      
SB_AUTOGENERATESCHEDULE Controls permissions for the autogenerated schedule function       x
SB_BUSYTIME Controls permissions for the Busy Time feature on schedules       x
SB_SCHEDULE Controls permissions for the schedule       x
SEC_ADVISEES Determines if the user is allowed to add advisees to another user x      
SEC_CHANGE_PASSWORD Controls access to change password x      
SEC_DOMAINS Provides rights to add domains to users and groups x      
SEC_GROUP_MEMBERS Determines whether the user has the rights to add users to institutional groups x      
SEC_GROUPS Controls the rights of modifying the privileges of institution's groups x      
SEC_ROLES Provides the rights to add and modify internal user roles and specifying what roles they have access to x      
SEC_USERS Controls access to changing details of users such as username and email x      
SS_AREA_ADMIN Controls permissions for the SS portions of the admin area   x    
SS_AREA_AUDIT Controls permissions for audits for a student's record   x    
SS_AREA_AUDITEXCEPTION Controls permission for creating exceptions from the audit   x    
SS_AREA_BATCHES Control permissions for batches   x    
SS_AREA_BLACKOUTS Controls permissions for blackout periods on batch runs   x    
SS_AREA_COMMENTS Controls permissions for comments   x    
SS_AREA_COURSE Controls permissions for courses on the student's record   x    
SS_AREA_CROSSWALK Controls permissions for mapping degree programs from a student information system to u.achieve degree programs   x    
SS_AREA_DPROG Controls permissions for degree programs on a student record   x    
SS_AREA_EXCEPTION Controls permissions for exceptions on a student record   x    
SS_AREA_PLANNEDCOURSE Controls permissions for planned coursework on a student record   x    
SS_AREA_PROGRAMMATCHER Controls permissions for the Program Matcher   x    
SS_AREA_RESULTS Controls permissions for batch results   x    
SS_AREA_STUDENT Controls permissions for student profile information   x    
SS_AREA_TRANSFERCOURSE Controls permissions for transfer coursework on a student record   x    
SS_AREA_TRANSFEREVAL Controls permissions for student transfer evaluations   x    
SS_AREA_TA_IREF Controls permissions for IREFs in transfer articuation   x    
SS_AREA_TA_RULE Controls permissions for rules in transfer articulation   x    
SS_ENCODING_TA_IREF Controls permissions for IREFs in transfer evaluation   x    
SS_ENCODING_TA_RULE Controls permissions for rules in transfer evaluations   x    
SS_MISC_PWCHANGE Controls permissions for who is allowed to change their password in Self-Service   x    
SS_MISC_STUDENTSEARCH Controls permissions for who is able to use the Search for Students feature in uAchieve Self-Service   x    
SS_ROLE_ADVISOR Controls permissions for the Advisor role   x    
SS_ROLE_ANONYMOUS Controls permissions for anonymous login   x    
SS_ROLE_STUDENT Controls permissions for the Student role   x    
SS_ROLE_USER Controls permissions for the User role   x    
UDIR_ADMIN Controls permissions for the Planner portions of the Admin area     x  
UDIR_ADVISOR Controls advisor access such as the ability to approve terms and plans     x  
UDIR_NOTES Controls permissions access to comments on the Manage Plans page     x  
UDIR_PASSWORDCHANGE Controls permissions for who can change their password in the uAchieve Planner     x  
UDIR_PLANAPPROVAL Controls whether a user can approve a whole plan     x  
UDIR_PLANS Controls what a user can do with a plan     x  
UDIR_PUBLISHER Controls a user's roadmap publishing capabilities     x  
UDIR_ROADMAPS Controls what a user can do with a roadmap     x  
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