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Create Exceptions From the Audit FAQs


Q: There seems to be a disconnect on audit exceptions with regard to student course identity. Can you help me understand this?

A: Audit exceptions present the user with a list of student's courses to choose from to facilitate the exceptions process. The problem is the course choices show the current identity of the student's choices, not the actual identify of the taken courses. Herein lies the problem, depending upon the exception/exception rule used and the type of exception being executed. More FAQs address this issues below.

Q: What is causing my specified forced course to not be forced into the sub-requirement?

A: This is likely attributed to the use of a course that has been converted to a new value. This type of course exception (Action=C/S) always uses the original identity of a course. Therefore, if you want to force a course into a sub-requirement and the course has converted to a new identity for matching, the exception will need to be entered via the Client or the Exceptions tab (if enabled).

Q: Help! The course added to or swapped into a sub-requirement is not being matched by the student's courses taken. What's happening?

A: There may potentially be a couple of different issues at work here:

  • Adding or swapping a course into a sub-requirement using an Action=R Requirement Modification sub-requirement does not force a course to match there. Rather, it simply enables a course to match using the rules applied to any other courses in the match and adjust phases. If the course is on the Accept or Not From lines, then the exception worked, but you may need to use a different kind of exception to force the course to go there.
  • If your Exceptions Rules for adding or swapping courses into sub-requirements has a DELIG of X, then the course added to Accept and Reject lines will only be matched by courses Taken As the identity shown. So, in adding a particular student's course and that course has a new converted value, you may need to manually add the original course identity rather than choose the current course identity for the exception.
Q: Why are my courses not populated for Add, Swap, or Delete exceptions?

A: For courses to be populated for these exceptions, you must have a "transcript" requirement labeled on the degree program with that category.

Q: What has happened when some of my Exception buttons are missing?

A: Requirements without pseudos that are needed as exception pointers will not display buttons. You must have a pseudo in every requirement and sub-requirement.

Q: I have no buttons displayed next to my exceptions when in Exception Mode. What's wrong?

A: Several factors may attribute to a lack of exceptions buttons displayed in Exception Mode. For more details on how to troubleshoot this on your screen, click here.

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