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Self-Service Admin



Dashboard MUST be configured to point to Self-Service application, in order to access Program Matcher from Admin area. Set selfService.baseUrl= in

Self-Service MUST be restarted for Admin changes to take effect.

Self-Service MUST be restarted after Program Matcher indexes the first time for Program Matcher to work.

Program Matcher Indexing

Program Matcher matches the courses a student has already taken to courses contained in the requirements of degree programs at an institution. Program Matcher maintains two complete indices on the local filesystem located at the directory specified by home.dir property. Because Program Matcher maintains two indices, it never has to be disabled while it is re-building the index. Indices may be manually built occasionally, or re-built on a schedule.

Program Matcher Index Scheduling

As stated previously, the Program Matcher index can be re-built on a specific schedule. The format for that text input follows standard cron expression formats. A few examples can be found below and in the table detailing cron format:



0 0 4 * * ?

Every day at 4:00 am

0 30 5 * * ?

Every day at 5:30 am

0 30 5 ? * MON-FRI

5:30 am, Monday through Friday

0 0/30 * * * ?

Every 30 minutes

0 0/30 * 1/5 * ?

Every 30 minutes every 5 days, beginning on the first of the month

0 11 11 11 11 ?

11:11 am every November 11th


The format for standard cron expression is detailed here:



Allowed Values

Special Chars




, - * /




, - * /




, - * /

Day of month



, - * ? / L W



1-12 or JAN-DEC

, - * /

Day of week


1-7 or SUN-SAT

, - * ? / L #



empty, 1970-2099

, - * /

For more information, search for keywords "cron expression" online using Google or other search engine.

Audit Exceptions

Control Codes

The Audit Exceptions Admin page is used to configure what exceptions a user can create from the Exceptions From the Audit area. A total of six different exceptions may be configured. For each of the six exceptions, users may configure the Ctlcd, Note, and Memo used when each exception is submitted.

Exception Type Default Control Code (Ctlcd)
Edit Requirement/Sub-Requirement XM
Force Requirement/Sub-Requirement Complete EE
Force Course C9
Add Sub-Requirement Course XM
Delete Sub-Requirement Course RD
Swap Sub-Requirement Course RS


If a Ctlcd field is left blank, then that exception type will not show up in the audit exceptions area of Self-Service.

For higher-level functional detail, see Create Exceptions From the Audit.

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