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XML Forms


Self-Service is controlled by forms, with all forms currently configurable via XML forms. This page explains the forms that are included in Self-Service, as well as how they can be modified. The form definitions are used to present both content list and detail form. Each form follows the format shown on Sample XML Form.

Standard view and xml view are compared side-by-side using red numbered labels to draw comparisons.

XML Forms Distributed with Self-Service

  • audit.xml - Used to display the Audit Request, Audit List, and Applied Courses screens
  • batch.xml - Used to configure various drop-down options to choose from when creating a batch
  • course.xml - Forms used for home courses
  • crosswalk.xml - Forms used for program mappings (formerly termed "crosswalks")
  • dprog.xml - Form used to the display the student's list of degree programs, markers, and list of institution codes
  • exception.xml - Exception pages as defined by the exception codes
  • general.xml - Institution selection form
  • options.xml - List of available options (this file does not contain page definitions)
    Contains the following options for drop-downs:
    • Grade Table
    • Year Terms
    • True/False
    • Countries
    • States
  • plannedcourse.xml - Student planned course pages
  • student.xml - Student demographics form and list of student names
  • transfercourse.xml - Forms used for transfer courses
  • transfereval.xml - Transfer evaluation pages for the source and target courses
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