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Planned Coursework Forms


The plannedcourse.xml contains the configuration for the add, edit, list, and view planned coursework screens.

Standard view and xml view are compared side-by-side using red numbered labels to draw comparisons.

All Screens

All of the planned coursework screens are defined within the WhatifCourse page element.

Planned Coursework List Screen

The filter attribute near the top of the element tells the list screen to display a drop-down that refines the list of a student's planned courses. The values for this drop-down are taken from the Planned Coursework records for the student:

Plan 2 is highlighted in yellow since this course is selected below to illustrated Planned Course Details and Edit Planned Course.

The column elements tell Self-Service what fields of the planned coursework record should be displayed and how each field should be displayed. masterView attributes define how a column is displayed on the list screen.

Add/Delete, Planned Course Details, and Edit Planned Course

The detailView attributes control how a column is displayed on the Add, Edit, and View pages.

Planned Course Details

Edit Planned Course

The values for the year and grade drop-downs on the Add and Edit screens are defined in the options.xml file.

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