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The student.xml is the main configuration file for the student pages in Self-Service. This file contains configuration for two sets of pages: Student Search and Manage Student.

Student Search

One of the first screens an advisor sees when logging into Self-Service is the Student Search screen:

The only area on this screen that is configurable within student.xml is the search results:

Self-Service uses the StuMaster element (below) to determine what columns should be displayed in the list of search results. Any student-related table can be used for displaying information, e.g., stuDemos[0].stuname. However, only the first record returned is displayed. If the field you want information displayed from is part of the Primary Key of the table, you must specify .comp_id prior to column name to access the Primary Key (stuDprogs[0].comp_id.dprog). To see more detailed information about the table and what the Primary Keys are, reference the Data Model.

Manage Student

The second area of Self-Service that can be configured in student.xml is the Manage Student (Student Profile) area. Once a student is selected, this area is accessed by clicking on the Profile tab, and then clicking Demographic.

The manage student area consists of two screens: a View Profile screen and an Edit Profile screen. In the StuDemo page, the masterView attribute refers to the view screen, which lists all the student demographic records defined for that student.


Edit the student information via the Edit button:


The detailView attributes control the edit screen.The columns displayed, access permissions, and validation rules can be configured.

The StuDemo (short for student demographic) page controls the screens in this area.


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