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Transfer Course Forms


The transferCourse.xml contains the configuration for all of the transfer course screens: list, add, edit and view. The options for this screen are similar to those for the Home Course screens.

All Screens

The TransferCourse page element controls all of the transfer course screens.

The masterview attributes control the list screen, while detailView attributes control the add, edit, and view screens. Column elements control all pages. Users control which columns are displayed on a particular screen and who is allowed to see them by adding masterView and detailView attributes to the column's element. In the images below, the numbers next to the XML elements correspond to the areas of the screens that they control.

Course List

The Course List for Transfer courses is available from the Courses drop-down menu in Self-Service:


The filterOn attributes defined in the masterView element at the top of the page element control what drop-downs are displayed at the top of the course list screen:

The options for these drop-downs are collected from the list of results.

Add, Edit, and View Course

Many of the column elements in transfercourse.xml contain detailView attributes, which define how columns are displayed on the add, edit, and view screens. The user may configure what type of form input should be used, as well as any validation rules for that field. The values in the grade and year drop-downs are configured in options.xml.

Transfer Course Details


Edit Transfer Course


The options element at the top of the XML file controls how the drop-down list of schools is displayed on the add and edit pages.

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