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Transfer Evaluation Forms


The transfereval.xml is the main configuration file for the transfer evaluation screens in Self-Service. This configuration file controls the main transfer evaluation list screen, the view screen for source courses, and the add, edit, and view screens for target courses.

List Screens

The transfer evaluation list screen (screenshot below) is the main screen for the transfer coursework section of Self-Service:

The main configuration for the transfer eval list is done in the TransferEval page element. This page element configures the information shown on the left side of the screen.

The options for the certify dropdown are defined in the certifyOptions element.

Near the top of the TransferEval element is a subpage attribute linking to the StuEgrpCourses page element. This subpage configures the right side of the transfer eval list screen.

Course Screens

The transfereval.StuAcadrec page element (screenshot below) controls the view screen for source courses and the add, edit and view screens for target courses.

Add, View, and Edit

The course year/term and grade drop-downs showing on the add and edit target course screens are configured in the yearTerm and gradeTable elements of the options.xml file.

Course Details


Edit Course

Editing of source courses (courses from other institutions) cannot be done from the transfer eval screen. The user must edit these courses through the Transfer Course screens, then run a new transfer evaluation to reflect the changes.

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