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Degree Programs and Markers


Depending on permissions settings, you may have permission to add, edit, or delete a program, which in turn edits a student's course of study. This area of Self-Service corresponds with the Programs area of the student's record in the uAchieve client.

Once a student is selected, information related to degree programs and markers is located under the Profile drop-down menu option, Programs:

The Change Academic Program screen appears:

This screen displays degree programs and marker requirements for the selected student. Markers are items you can add to degree programs that act as placeholders for real requirements. Markers can represent minors, thematic sequences, etc.

Edit an Existing Degree Program or Marker

You may edit an existing degree program and/or marker, depending upon permissions. Click a degree program or marker's associated Edit button ():


Changes made here will affect the student's record, so ensure all changes are approved before you Save them.

The Degree Programs area (on the left) and Markers area (on the right side) have separate "Edit" columns in the table and will generate respective Edit forms:


Add a Degree Program

Use the Add Degree Program button () to add a new degree program to the student's record. Staff will be directed to the choose a school (sortable by Instcd):


After selecting a school under which a degree program falls, the Add Degree Program screen displays. Select the degree program and term from the respective drop-down menus:

Click Add to confirm the addition of the new degree program.

Add a Marker

You may add a marker in much the same way you do a degree program. Click the Add Marker link at the bottom of the Marker column:

A separate Add Marker link is available for each individual degree program listed in the table.


The Add Marker form is displayed, with fields corresponding to those in the uAchieve client:

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