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Exceptions generally include substitutions and waivers to requirements and/or sub-requirements that are assigned to a particular student.

If you are looking for information on creating exception from the audit and advanced exceptions, click here.


Like other functionalities in uAchieve Self-Service, the Exceptions menu is controlled via the Dashboard. If you do not see the Exceptions option when logged into Self-Service, it means that you do not have permission to view it. If you can see the menu option, then you do at least have permission to view it. If you select the Exception option (), then you also have permission to add/edit exceptions.

The list of exceptions that you can add are defined in the configuration files for Self-Service, and may be further limited in the Dashboard. Far more exception types are available than what you have access to in Self-Service; these are defined specifically for and by your school.

Click Exceptions in the menu bar (if available):


The Exceptions screen displays:

This page provides information about exceptions in a table, with additional functionality to add, delete, and edit exceptions.

Add Exception

If available, click the Add Exception button () to view a list of available exception types and their descriptions:

Unconfigured Exceptions
Some exception types are unconfigurable, as indicated in the Exceptions table Edit column (). A link to a list of unconfigured exception types is accessible at the bottom of the page in the yellow panel:


Click directly on an exception's link for Description or Exception Code in the table to generate an additional form that is specific to the selected exception. For example, a short form to Add Force Complete screenshot is below:

Delete Exception

On the Exceptions page, select the checkbox(es) associated with the exception(s) you wish to mark for deletion and click Delete ().


A green confirmation bubble alerts the user to the completed deletion?

The Delete option is not available for exceptions that are unconfigured:


The Authorized By and Authorized Date fields are autopopulated for any exception created on the student record using the exception forms available in Self-Service, just as they are autopopulated for exceptions on the audit.


Once Saved, an exception will display the next time an audit is run, provided the appropriate coursework has been added to the student record. From the Applied Exceptions tab on the audit, a list of applied exceptions will display in a table format:

Edit Exception

In addition, if an exception has been added, staff may Edit the exception on the student's record.

NOTE: Exceptions at the Requirement level
An exception will not apply to a requirement if that requirement has two auth codes not matching the blank auth codes of the exception.




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