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Dashboard Basics


Log In

Log in to the Dashboard to access uAchieve Self-Service by following the URL to the application login page. Here, you will complete the User Name and Password fields to access the application:


Upon successful login, the Student Search page appears (unless you are an advisor for multiple schools/colleges).

If you are an advisor for multiple schools/colleges, first select which school you represent at login from the Self-Service drop-down menu:


Depending upon licensing and permissions, the buttons available on the Self-Service Home page may include any combination, for example:

  • Notifications
  • Students
  • Roadmaps
  • Batch
  • Program Matchings
  • Reports
  • Security


New in 4.4.2  A new session timeout feature has been integrated into Dashboard that automatically logs the user out.


The current default session timeout is set to logout after two hours of inactivity.


The coral menu bar across the top of the home page provides a common, seamless navigation between the uAchieve applications.

Student Menu
Note that the student menu bar provides different options (e.g., no access to Security):


Staff using uAchieve applications such as Self-Service, Batch, or the Planner will find these functionalities within the menu bar. 


The Style area changes the visual display of the page layout to enhance accessibility for visually impaired users.

Under the user name and school is a Style selection area with two options: Default Style ( light coral) and High Contrast Style ( dark coral).


Settings may be viewed and customized via the gear button () drop-down on the right end of the menu bar:

Drop-down menu options may include the following:

  • Admin
  • Change Password
  • Select Institution
  • Help
  • Logout

Student settings will only have two options: Help and Log Out.

App-specific functions may also appear within this drop-down menu, e.g., Self-Service administrators will see an option for Select Institution.

Select Institution

Self-Service has an option available in the Settings drop-down menu for Select Institution. Select Institution allows for selection of an alternate school away from the currently selected one.


The Admin area is accessible via the drop-down menu in Settings (or from the Admin button on Self-Service Home).


Admin links to the Admin area (formerly the "Administration Console"), where staff users can configure their uAchieve applications from the Dashboard.

For more information, see Admin Help.

Change Password

Complete fields for Current Password, New Password, and Confirm New Password. Save to conserve changes or click Cancel to cancel change of password.


Help directs the user to the Support Center documentation and is configurable:


Log Out

Log Out logs the user out of the application. 



The bottom line on the logout confirmation page provides a hyperlink back to the application to log back in again. Hover with the mouse to click the link you may follow by clicking here.


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