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Dashboard 4.5 Release Notes


Date Feb 21, 2018
Issues 38 issues


Important Highlights From This Release

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All Updates for This Release

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Task DASH-673 Update Global property loader method to include blank INSTIDQ and blank INSTID in query
Task DASH-670 Update message for those properties stored in database with blank INSTIDQ and INSTID
Enhancement DASH-640 Add visual patterns to graphs to differentiate between different categories
Bug DASH-666 On the student courses by source school report on the second level we are displaying Institution when values are collapsed and that's not valid
Bug DASH-646 Degree Progress Analysis report incorrectly labels Not Complete to Planned on drill-down of specifc degree program
Task DASH-659 SB/DAR3.5: Remove additional roles from the security app
Epic DASH-633 Use the same security-ctx.xml across all web applications
Enhancement DASH-630 Change all applications to use the same Logout Link
Enhancement DASH-631 Make Access Denied Pages consistent between applications
Enhancement DASH-634 Apply Base-Security-Ctx.xml updates to web applications
Task DASH-602 When comparing SchoolAssignedPersonID with STUNO to determine match, force SchoolAssignedPersonID to upperCase
Performance Improvement DASH-644 Cache or load at startup Transfer-Institution.xml data, to be read from, rather than read and parsed with each look up.
New Feature DASH-603 Once courses are inserted from the transcript, kick off evaluation
Enhancement DASH-664 Add Security Around the Transcript Importer WebService
Enhancement DASH-604 When inserting courses and needing to use IREF, make sure we look at correct IREF
Enhancement DASH-511 Need a way for institutions to define and map source ID values to source institutions for Transcript Importer XML
Enhancement DASH-508 Figure out the Admin Configs needed for the Transcript Importer
Enhancement DASH-509 Should take into consideration Locked evaluations for determining update of courses from transcript
Bug DASH-548 Do not import the courses If a school does not contain an identifier code with it, or courses are not from Sender school
Bug DASH-513 Make sure logging does not happen just from going to the Unmatched Transcript List page
Task DASH-647 Update Security API Jar reference for Code Freeze
Task DASH-643 Need a process somewhere (maybe MyProfile) to generate indvidual license keys per school for Batch and Transcript Importer
Task DASH-663 Identify which properties are "global" properties and make sure 4.4 update scripts only insert them once
Task DASH-672 Add New Security Property to Configure Which CAS Redirect URL param to use
Release DASH-654 Need to have a fall back file
Enhancement DASH-269 Encrypt transcript stored in unmatched_transcript.transcript_xml
Enhancement DASH-657 Add license key to Admin area
Enhancement DASH-632 Expose uachieveapi.sessionfactory in Dashboard
Enhancement DASH-614 Have the Schedule Courses Demand report filter on and display the uachieve term value
Enhancement DASH-637 Change all applications to use the same login URLS
Enhancement DASH-642 When a row is not found in ACTIVE_INDEX table, indicate that better
Bug DASH-671 Please update the Copyright to 2018 for all components
Bug DASH-656 When in a report if you switch between default and high contrast mode you get an error in the menu
Bug DASH-653 Names too long for the client can login to self service but cannot in Schedule Builder
Bug DASH-648 Reports - Planned Course Demand - Not Displaying Graph
Bug DASH-651 Reports - Degree Program Analysis - Layer 2 - Search
Bug DASH-649 Report - Export Button Text
Bug DASH-650 Reports - Course Search

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