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Manage Audits on the Completed Audit Requests Page


View a list of previously run audits, as well as run a new audit, click Manage under the Audit option on the menu bar:

Run Audit
You may also run a new audit via the Run Audit button () on this page


The Completed Audit Requests page displays a list of completed audits and relevant information, e.g., type of audit ran in the Format column:


Sort audit request data in this table using the sort button in the v Created column ()–audit requests will be sorted in ascending and descending order with alternate clicks.

"Reading" Completed Audits

Taking a look over the list of previously run audits will give you an at-a-glance idea of the types of audits completed:

The exact column headers displayed on the table are defined by your school. You should also see the button to Run a new audit () and Delete selected audits ().

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