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Configure Running an Audit With Planned Coursework


Configure running an audit with planned coursework via the XML.

Beginning in the Self-Service (access requires a Support Center account--request one here) release, you can dictate where planned courses will come from when selecting to include planned courses with the audit request. This option was implemented as a checkbox rather than a drop-down, and can be configured to retrieve the planned courses from when checked (or "true). When choosing to grab planned courses from, courses from the student's declared plan are used.

Brief explanation of configurable options for getting courses: A, P, T, D, and E:

Setting A, P, and T are configured in the COM

A - Include ALL whatif_courses (course JUST from whatif_courses table, regardless of CART value)

P - Include Planned courses

T - Include Cart courses only

Settings for D and E are configured in the XML

D* (New in - Include Default Plan (or "Preferred Plan") courses from

E (New in - Option D (if any exist), otherwise option A

* When multiple plans exist, there is no option to choose which plan you want the audit to be run against


Where in Self-Service the options are configured (<selfServiceRoot>WEB-INF/classes/options.xml):

options.xml file
        <!-- Include ALL whatif_courses -->
        <checkboxMapping name="characterMappingAll" trueValue="A" falseValue=" " />
        <!-- Include Planned courses -->
        <checkboxMapping name="characterMappingPlanned" trueValue="P" falseValue=" " />
        <!-- Include Cart courses only -->
        <checkboxMapping name="characterMappingCart" trueValue="T" falseValue=" " />
        <!-- Include courses from default plan -->
        <checkboxMapping name="characterMappingUdirect" trueValue="D" falseValue=" " />
        <!-- Option D if any exist, otherwise option A -->
        <checkboxMapping name="characterMappingEitherOr" trueValue="E" falseValue=" " />

Where in Self-Service to map which option you want to use (<selfServiceRoot>/WEB-INF/classes/area/audit.xml):

audit.xml: Page name=RequestOptions
      <column name="includePlannedCourses" label="What If Courses">
        <detailView inputType="checkbox" checkboxMapping="characterMappingAll" />

The audit.xml is where institutions may configure what they want the label to be, e.g., What-if courses, Planned courses

Regardless of choice, the label should be consistent between Self-Service and Batch.

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