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Alternate Identities and Reference Articulation


Alternate identities allow prior courses that met a transfer rule to be retained, even if a change is made later. Alternate identities provide a reliable method of updating TA rules without having to encode completely new ones with course catalog changes. For example, in the encoding below, the transfer (source) course equates as a home (target) pseudo course:


The alternate identity for the course comes into play if the home (target) school decided that they were going to change the equivalency, e.g.,  so that SOC305 now equated to SOC320 while still wanting to retain the SOCIOLOGY REQ. pseudo course. Thus, the school could inform uAchieve to continue to use the SOCIOLOGY REQ. pseudo course to match the rule. In the future, however, the rule would look for a specific course.


When a reference articulation audit is run, no change is made to the reference information that appears with the SOCIOLOGY REQ. pseudo course that has a MATCHCTL of "P"–even though the rule has changed.

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