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Options Forms

The options.xml contains lists of drop-down values that are used throughout Self-Service. Unlike the other XML configuration files, options.xml does not contain any page elements. Each option element consists of a name (the value that will be store in the database) and a label (the displayed value).

Grade Table

The grade table defines the list of grades that are available in Self-Service.

These options are used on the course screens:



The yearTerms options element contains the list of years and terms available for use in Self-Service.

These options are used on the course screens:

In, the yearTerms for calendar term and date are defined in the yearTerm-ctx.xml file, which affect Course Availability display in


The trueFalse options element is a utility element that contains the Boolean values true and false.

These options can be used in a drop-down, but are more commonly used for checkboxes:

Checkbox Mapping

Options.xml contains the character values that map to the audit.xml for the purpose of including planned courses in an audit run. See XML below:

Options include the following values:

  • A: Include ALL whatif_courses (course JUST from whatif_courses table, regardless of CART value)
  • P: Include Planned courses
  • T: Include Cart courses only
  • D: Included Default plan courses from (New in
  • E: Option D, if any exist. Otherwise, options A (New in

This allows schools to contrl what courses are included when "Include Planned courses" is selected

Other Options

This file also contains lists of countries and U.S. States. These options are used on the student screens.

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