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The left side of the page is the roadmap or the audit that you will be using to build your plan for this particular program. The right side of the page is the plan itself. 

The goal is to move courses from the roadmap/audit side into the plan thereby completing all requirements within the roadmap/audit.

Audit vs Roadmaps

When planning from an audit, if there are roadmaps available for that degree program you will see a list of available roadmaps within the header of the audit.


When planning from a roadmap, you can plan from an audit by clicking the program name located in the header of the roadmap. (only available if planning from an audit is turned on)

Adding Courses to the Plan

There are several ways to add courses to a plan: 

Manually Adding Courses

  • Find the course within the roadmap/audit
  • Grab the course with your cursor, drag it to the term of your choice on the plan and drop it.
  • Continue to drag and drop courses until all roadmap/audit requirements are complete.

Adding Courses via the drag and drop method will automatically bring over the course with its credit hours and title.

Right Click Method

  • Right click your mouse on the term with which you are working. A menu will appear.
  • Select Add Course from this menu.
  • A small window will open where you will enter the department abbreviation and course number of the course you would like to add. This must match the way the course appears on the roadmap/audit.
  • Select "OK".
  • The course will be added to your plan.

Using one of these two methods, you will add courses to the plan until all requirements have been completed on the roadmap. A green check mark will display next to requirements as they are completed.

A note about Course Ranges: When an option is given on a roadmap to choose from a course between a given start and end range of a number, you must manually add the course by right clicking on the desired term in which you'd like to take this course. You can manually any course that falls within the range. HOWEVER, you must hit the 'validate' button in order for the roadmap to check the course against the audit and show that it is a valid selection.


Move All, Move Preferred and the Remove All Buttons

These options are only available when planning from a roadmap.

Move All

  • This is intended only for very specific roadmaps that provide very little choice. Hitting this button will transfer EVERYTHING from the Roadmap to the Plan, regardless of hours. Therefore, if a roadmap displays multiple options for courses to be taken in a semester, hitting the "Move All" button will transfer ALL of the courses and the unit values over. This could potentially lead to a huge amount of units required per term. Be careful ONLY to hit this button if you know that the roadmap is very specific.

Move Preferred

  • This button will allow everything from the Roadmap to be sent to the plan unless a student is given an option. Those terms that allow for a selection to be made between multiple course on a Roadmap will not have that information transferred to the Plan and thus, those terms will not have the green "fulfilled' checkmark. Unfulfilled requirements will require a selection to be made and then drag-and-dropped or manually added to a plan.

Remove All

  • This button enables a user to remove all dragged/manually added courses from a plan. It is a good way to start over if you decide that you don't like the way the plan is looking. Please note, if you use this button, you will need to manually remove all courses for the current term and past terms to be able to use the move-preferred/move-all buttons again.

Be aware that as soon as a single course has been added to the plan, these buttons will deactivate and you won't be able to use them. They are intended to build plans quickly from scratch. If you do decide you want to use them, you can right click on the term on the Plan where courses exist, and select "Remove All Courses from Term". Once all terms are 'cleared out', you can refresh the page and you will then be able to use the buttons again.  Note that if you have courses in past terms you will not be able to use these buttons.

Editing the Plan

By right clicking your mouse at different levels you can edit your plan.

At the Term Level:

  • Add Course - Allows you to add a course to the plan in this term.
  • Add Term - Adds another term to the plan.
    • You will be asked to select the term and the year.
  • Remove all Courses - Will delete all of the courses within this term.
  • Delete - Will remove the term, and all of the courses within, from the plan.
  • Request Approval/Unapproval - You can request to have an individual term "approved" and locked down by an advisor. Once the term is approved you will not be able to edit the term and will have the option to request to have the approval removed and the term unlocked.

At the Course Level:

  • Course Description - A view of the course description and any applicable values.
  • Delete - Will remove the course from the plan.

Other Items

 Add Additional Roadmap - Allows you to build your plan using another roadmap. (Examples of when you might want to do this would include adding a minor or a second major)

  • Click the Add Roadmap icon
  • Select the new roadmap from the tree-view list
  • You will now be able to drag and drop courses from this new roadmap onto your plan

 View Comment - Will display any comments linked with this specific plan. Click here to find out more about the Plan View. The arrow button will hide comments and allow you to resume editing.

 Validate - Will cross check your plan against the roadmap and look for any pre-requisites or co-requisites that you still need for courses you have planned.

 Run Audit - This will run a degree audit report so you can see how the courses you've added to your plan will apply to the requirements of this degree program (this option is only available if planning from an audit is turned off)

 When your plan is not approved you will have the option to request to have your plan approved. Once the request has been made you can cancel it at any time as long as your advisor hasn't yet made an action.

 When your plan is approved you will have the option to request to have your plan un-approved. Once the request has been made you can cancel it at any time as long as your advisor hasn't yet made an action. While your plan is approved you cannot edit your plan.


Associated Roadmaps:
Here you will see a list of any and all roadmaps currently associated with this plan. Associated simply means that this plan has been viewed against this roadmap.

  • Click on the roadmap name to view this plan with this particular roadmap
  • To remove the association with a particular roadmap, simply click the delete icon.

Help Text

Help text will be displayed if your plan has no courses on it. You can show or hide this help at any time.
Note: this text is customizable and may vary from school to school.


When viewing comments with your plan, you can see all comments currently linked with this plan. Any new comments added within this view will automatically be linked with this plan.

To view all comments, return to the Student Home page.


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