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Creating a Plan

If you have a declared plan and catalog year they will be displayed on the page.

Planning from an Audit

When planning from an audit is turned on, new plans will be created with an audit. If you have a declared major, it will default the new plan to be with your major, but a different major can be selected by clicking the "Select a Different Program" link. This will show you a list of all available programs. (Your declared major will be highlighted)

Planning from a Roadmap

When planning from an audit is turned off, the new plans will be created with a roadmap. If you have a declared major, it will highlight the declared major, but any roadmap can be chosen (unless you are forced to only be able to plan from your declared major).

My Plans

The Declared Plan is the plan that you intend to follow. You may have other plans listed and can continue to build them but once you set a Declared plan, this is the one you intend to follow, the others become 'what-if' plans.

The table that displays the plans has several fields:

  • Declared Plan - will designate this as the plan you intend to follow. You may only have one declared plan.
  • Plan Name - by clicking on the name of the plan you will open that plan for editing in the Plan Builder.
  • Action -: This is a drop-down menu that may have several options:
    • Edit Your Plan: This option will open the plan for editing in the Plan Builder.
    • Rename: This will allow you to rename a plan from that which was originally created. You must hit the "Ok" button after renaming the plan for the change to take.
    • Copy: will provide a pop-up box allowing you to give the copy a name. Hitting OK will then clone the plan, allowing you to modify it just as you did the original plan.
    • Delete: this will allow you to delete a plan from the list. Note, you cannot delete a declared plan unless you first select another plan to be the declared plan.
    • Request Approval/Unapproval:if this is your declared plan, you can send a request to your advisor to have your plan approved and locked down, or to have that approval removed and unlocked.

      You may not see all of the options above in the drop-down menu depending on the permissions you have been granted. For example, if you are not permitted to delete plans, that option will not be one of the actions you can select.


  • Updated: the date of the last update to this plan.
  • User: the user who made the last update to this plan.
  • PDF : allows you to view the Plan in PDF format. You can also print the Plan in this view.


This section allows you to communicate with Advisors at your institution or leave private comments to yourself.

Add a New Comment

  • Click Add New Comment
  • Select a comment type:
    • Private: only you can view this comment; your Advisor(s) will not be able to see this comment
    • To: Advisors: any Advisor who has access to view your plans within will be able to view and reply to this comment
  • Link With Plan. Linked comments can be seen when viewing the plan they are linked with
    • None: you may opt not to link a comment with a plan

Manage Comments

  • View all existing comments from you or any of your Advisors (Comments are collapsed by default; click expand [(plus)] to view the entire comment)
  • Reply to any comment from you or an Advisor by clicking Reply ()
  • Edit your own comment by clicking Edit ()
  • Delete your own comment by clicking Delete ()



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