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Planning From the Complex What-if Audit



The 4.3 release ushered in functionality for planning from a complex What-if audit, which takes the planning from a What-if audit and adds the ability to do so with markers. To perform this function, the user initiates planning as usual in the uAchieve Planner, gets looped over to Self-Service to configure the markers, and then pulled back into the Planner to complete the planning from the complex What-if audit.


To perform planning from a complex What-if audit, the user must have access to the following:

  • uAchieve installed to run the audit
  • Self-Service installed
  • uAchieve Planner installed

The institution must set up all of the rules regarding what combinations of majors, second majors, minors, and concentrations are allowed.

1. Start Planning in the uAchieve Planner

From the Manage Plans page in the Planner, select the Create a New Plan tab from the two available tabs:

2. Loop over to Self-Service to Add Markers

The user is directed over to Self-Service to the option to Select a Different Program:

Configure the Program settings (top pane) and Plan settings (bottom pane):

The user inputs selections for the following fields:

  • Program Label*
  • Catalog Year Label*
  • Plan Name*
  • Term
  • Year
  • Years to Graduation

(*Fields marked with an asterisk are required)

  • Use the Clear Selections button () to reset the program-specific fields in the top pane

All of these inputs are validated exactly as they are in the uAchieve Planner.

Click Next button () to continue.

The Next button turns into a faded Running button () when clicked.

3. Back to the Planner to Complete Planning From the Complex What-if Audit

The user clicks the Next button to submit the form to the uAchieve Planner, which converts it into a form it can use and then resumes creation of the plan from an audit as usual:

See the new track with the designated markers included.


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