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This file is bundled in the WAR. This file is located in UDIRECT_HOME/WEB-INF/classes. Using this file allows you to make modifications to the audit request and/or results.


Where the word dars is used in this configuration file, it would change to uachieve, if using the u.achieve server.

When makes an audit request for a particular student, you may want to alter the request, just prior to completing the request. For example, you may want to include course work the student has completed that is not, for whatever reason, picked up by the DARwin/u.achieve server. We have provided an interface where you can write java code, allowing you to modify the request. In this file we have defaulted the interface implementation to dars.udirect.audit.updateAuditRequest.DefaultStudentCompletedCourses. 
DefaultStudentCompletedCourses being the java file where any code would be written. Should you wish to change this, here is where you would make that change.

<bean id="studentCompletedCourses" class="dars.udirect.audit.updateAuditRequest.DefaultStudentCompletedCourses" >

  <property name="dataSource" ref="darwinapi.dataSource" />


The results of the audit can also be modified. This is done through Audit Preprocessors. Audit Preprocessors can alter the results of a DARS audit, such as changing certain values. They are useful when you desire to modify the audit results in some way before they make their way to As an example, you might wish to set the category values for all JobQueueReq's to blank, so that all requirements are grouped into a single category. This can be accomplished with Audit Preprocessors.

These Audit Preprocessors are provided with

  • CategorySettingPreprocessor
    • sets the category value of every JobQueueReq to blank ("")
  • CourseNameTrimmingPreprocessor
    • trims leading and trailing white space from JobQueueCourses and JobQueueAccepts
  • RequirementOrderingPreprocessor
    • orders JobQueueReqs so that they appear in the same order as a regular text audit

To turn on any of the above preprocessors, just make sure the line in dars-app-ct.xml containing the desired preprocessor is not commented (not surrounded by <!-- and --> ).

For example, here is the CategorySettingPreprocessor defined, but turned OFF (notice the surrounding <!-- and --> ):

<bean name="courseNameTrimmingPreprocessor" class="dars.udirect.audit.preprocess.clean.CourseNameTrimmingPreprocessor" />

To turn it ON, just remove the surrounding <!-- and --> :

<bean name="courseNameTrimmingPreprocessor" class="dars.udirect.audit.preprocess.clean.CourseNameTrimmingPreprocessor" />

To turn if OFF again, just add the <!-- and --> back to the line:

<bean name="courseNameTrimmingPreprocessor" class="dars.udirect.audit.preprocess.clean.CourseNameTrimmingPreprocessor" />

Viewing an audit that makes the request for

When viewing/editing the plan, the Run Audit icon allows you to request an audit from that includes all of the courses from a plan, to be viewed via third party application such as u.achieve Self-Service or DARwin Interactive Audit. You can use any existing web application currently used to view audits with by doing some java modifications on your own to build a link necessary for the external application to recognize and direct you to the view of the audit. However, we provide an implementation for our own u.achieve Self-Service application and DARwin Interactive Audit application. By default it is configured to use our own DARwin Interactive Audit Application for our DARwin user base. With u.achieve, you will likely want to configure to use the u.achieve Self-Service implementation.

In this file there are essentially two bean definitions with the name auditLinkBuilder. One is commented out (the u.achieve Self-Service one) and one is not (Interactive Audit). To use the u.achieve Self-Service one, you will need to un-comment out the associated auditLinkBuilder bean, and comment out the DARwinIA associated bean.

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