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Add Another Roadmap


The Add Roadmap function allows you to view your plan against a different roadmap. Each roadmap you view against your plan then becomes "associated" with the plan and may then be removed.

Add a Roadmap

  • Click Add Roadmap () at the top of the audit in the Plan Builder:


  • Find the program you want to use in the tree and select the new roadmap. This will open your plan in the Plan Builder view using the new roadmap:

Associated Roadmaps

You can associate several roadmaps to a single plan to allow flexibility in plan building. To switch between associated roadmaps, click on the blue hyperlink roadmap name to view it with your plan:


When validating your plan or using the Audit View, will only use the roadmap and audit of the program you are currently working with; there is no way to validate a plan across multiple roadmaps simultaneously. To see if your plan completes both roadmaps, switch to the other roadmap where you can then validate and use the Audit View.

Remove a Roadmap

Removing a roadmap from a plan will dissociate it from that plan. To do this, navigate to the entire list of roadmaps currently associated with the given plan to select it.

From the plan side (right side) of the Plan Builder page, click the link button () below the plan name:


The list of all roadmaps currently associated with the plan will be displayed below as blue hyperlinks on the plan side (right side). In this example, three roadmaps are currently associated with the plan.

Associated v. Available
The blue hyperlinks on the audit side (left side) of the Plan Builder page displays available term-by-term roadmaps as opposed to the associated roadmaps displayed on the right.


Click the red delete button (x) adjacent to the roadmap you wish to remove; a pop-up window asks the user to confirm the roadmap removal:

Attempting to delete a plan that is not associated with a roadmap will generate an error:


The resultant list of associated roadmaps is decremented by one, so that now only two roadmaps are associated with the plan:



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