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Getting Started with the uAchieve Planner


The uAchieve Planner (formerly provides students with the recommended roadmaps for planning their academic careers on a term-by-term basis.


Log In

Log in to the Planner by following the URL to the application login page, where you will enter your User Name and Password to access the application:

Planner Home

Upon successful login, the Planner home page is displayed. The display of the Planner home page is based upon the type of user logged in. Additionally, for staff, the display varies from user-to-user based on assigned security permissions. For example, if you do not have access to work with plans or students, then Roadmaps will be the only option.

Staff Student
Application home page with staff buttons Student plans page


At any point within the app, you may use the Home button () in the top left of the menu bar to return to the home page.



The coral colored menu bar at the top of the uAchieve Planner screen provides common, seamless navigation across all uAchieve applications.


The top (coral colored) menu is the Staff menu.

Depending upon user permissions, the staff (top) menu may contain several links, including the following:

  • Notifications
  • Students
  • Roadmaps
  • Batch
  • Tools
  • Reports
  • Security. Menu options vary from user-to-user, depending upon their permissions:


The bottom (gray colored) menu is the Student menu, and only appears once a student is selected to work with:

  • The Student menu displays the student name and user ID (customizable by the school) in addition to links to viewable sections of that student's profile that you have access to (e.g., Audits, Plans, Courses, Comments, Transfer Evaluations, Exceptions, Profile). 


In the Planner, the only functionality specific to students is the Plans menu.


Roadmaps are guides to the “best” or most efficient path to graduation for a program of study. Roadmaps are built by institutions to provide a map for students (or advisors) to use to create term-by-term plans of specific coursework. 

To manage roadmaps, click the Roadmaps button:

On the Manage Roadmaps page, first choose a degree program:


Then, enter roadmap information to add a new roadmap or manage available roadmaps:

See the Manage Roadmaps page for more detail.



Notifications may include Comments, Plan Approval Requests, and Roadmap Publication Requests:

See the Notifications page for more detail.



Find a student using the Students search feature:


How to Find a Student
Find a student in one of 3 ways:

  1. Search for a specific student
    1. Search for student info
      1. by Student ID: must know the exact ID of the student
      2. by First Name: key in the student's first name
        1. May search by partial or full name (e.g., "Jo" will return both "Jon" and "Jonathan")
        2. May search First Name only or First Name and Last Name together for a more restricted search
      3. by Last Name : key in the student's last name
        1. May search by partial or full name (e.g., "Jo" will return both "Jon" and "Jonathan")
        2. May search Lane Name only or Last Name and First Name together for a more restricted search
    2. Click the Search button to view search results. At this point, you may View Selected Student or Return to List of My Advisees.
  2. Pick one from your personal list of assigned advisees (displayed in the table)
    1. Click the Select button for the Student button to open the Manage Student Plans page.
  1. Add a new student

Complete the following fields and Save Student:

    • Student
    • Name
    • Notes



You may be restricted to the list of advisees specifically assigned to you based upon your applied security settings. If a student you are searching is not one of your advisees, then his/her information will not be viewable. If a student you are looking for is found, you will be redirected to that student's Manage Student Plans page:


Student will be notified by email and prompted to check comments:

Student Access

Within the Planner, users who are students but also staff members may view their own profile via the Student Access button.  The user's Manage Plans page displays an area to manage or create new Plans and Comments. In the screenshot below, the logged in user (Melissa) is managing her own plans:


The Style area of the menu barchanges the visual display of the page layout throughout the application, which can be particularly useful for increasing contrast for low-vision users.

Under the user name and school in the upper-right corner of the window is a Select Your Style area with three options: Default Style ( light coral), High Contrast Style ( dark coral), and Turn Off Style and Javascript ( white)


Turn Off Style and Javascript provides a text-only view, which is necessary alternative for applications that utilize drag-and-drop functionality. See the side-by-side view of Javascript turned on/off below:

Style and Javascript On Style and Javascript Off*

*Return to standard view with javascript and styles turned on via the Turn on Styles & Javascript hyperlink.

The Turn Off Style and Javascript option is specific only to the uAchieve Planner and Schedule Builder applications.


Settings may be viewed and customized via the gear button () drop-down on the right end of the menu bar.


Students are restricted from Admin access under Settings:


The Admin area is accessible via the drop-down menu in Settings (or from the Admin button on Home).


Admin links to the Admin Help area, where users configure uAchieve applications directly from their Dashboard:


The Plans & Roadmaps area of Admin Help contains most configs for the uAchieve Planner:

For more details, see Admin Help.

Change Password

Complete fields for Current PasswordNew Password, and Confirm New Password:


Help directs the user, by default, to the Hello World page that opens in a new browser tab. Many institutions set the Help link to direct to application documentation.

Where the Help link directs the user is highly configurable in Admin Help: separate Help URLs for advisors and students may be specified:

Log Out

Log Out logs the user out of of the current application. The logout confirmation page provides a link back to the application to log back in again.


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