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Search Students


The interface for searching students varies depending upon your installation of uAchieve Self-Service or only the Planner.


For uAchieve Self-Service

To search for students, click the Students in the menu bar and select the drop-down option for Search:

Alternately, click the Students button on the uAchieve Planner Home page:


The Student Search page will display with options to Enter Student ID or Search by Student Name:


If you have an assigned list of student advisees, they will be listed below the search area.

If you have any additional advisees not shown, they are indicated in yellow.



If no students populate the advisees list or to search instead, perform a search for a specific student by Student ID, First Name, or Last Name.

Search results list students by Name, Student ID, Degree Program, and Marker (filter data by Name or Student ID). Select a student using the arrow () in the Select column.


  • If the student has a declared plan, you will navigate directly to the student audit:


  • If the student has not declared a plan or has no associated audits, you will be redirected to the uAchieve Self-Service welcome page and prompted to run an audit:


For uAchieve Planner Only

Users logged into the Planner with DARwin or the Planner with PeopleSoft will have a slightly different interface on Search Students.

 If the student has a declared plan (as indicated in the "Declared" column), you will navigate to the Manage Student Plans page, where you may Edit Plan(s), View (PDF) Plan(s), Create a New Plan, or Add New Comment:






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