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What-if Audits


A What-if audit provides a method of seeing what would happen IF a student changes majors without saving any of the information.

The information is overwritten when a new audit is run. Since Self-Service opens the last audit run for a student (and this may have been a What-if audit), the suggested best practice is to always run a new audit when pulling up a new student in uAchieve Self-Service.

In Self-Service, you may opt to run an audit against a degree program than is different from the one on the student's record using the Select a Different Program option. This option creates this "what if" scenario, thus the terminoloyg of running a What-if audit.

To view a list of last-run What-if audits, click Audits<Manage in the menu bar. What-if audits are labeled in the Audit Type column. Open the What-if audit by clicking its View Audit link.

If your school has elected to display only a few historical audits, the What-if audits will eventually disappear from this list.

To run a new What-if audit for a degree program, follow these steps:

  1. Click Audits<Request New in the menu bar to view the Request an Audit screen
  2. Select the Select a Different Program link (default is Run Declared Programs above) to activate the drop-down menus below

    Choosing an alternate degree program here in the Select a Different Program drop-down will not change the declared degree program.


  3. Proceed to select the Degree and Catalog Year from the respective drop-down menus for the audit you wish to run
  4. Click Run Different Program to generate an audit displaying a theoretical audit run against the student's existing coursework


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