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Student Profile


Demographic information for students is maintained in the Student Profile. Data including School, Student ID, Notes, Last Modified User, Last Modified Date, and View Student Courses may all be maintained here. Student Profile information in uAchieve Self-Service is synced with the demographic information entered in the uAchieve Client. Information entered in the Client displays in Self-Service; alternately, information entered in Self-Service displays in the Client.

Student Profile information is accessible from the Student Access button; click View Your Profile link:


The student audit appears; from the gray menu bar click the Profile menu drop-down option, Demographic:


If you do not see the tab for Profile, then you do not have permissions set in the Security Console.

The fields displayed within the Student Profile are customized by your school.


Student Demographic Page Title

Edit a student's demographic information by clicking the Edit button () on the table:

When editing student information, be aware that changes made in Self-Service will then be displayed in the Client.

Once finished editing the Student Profile information, click Save to update the information or Cancel to cancel the changes.

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