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Click Submit to find a student. uAchieve will produce the most recent audit for that student in an interactive, HTML format:


The audit may have been run in either the uAchieve 4.0 Client or from uAchieve Self-Service by you, another staff member, or a student.

As a best practice, running a new audit for a student every time you view their record in uAchieve Self-Service is a good idea because it ensures the information is completely up-to-date.


Since you will be viewing the last-run audit for the student, it may have been run in the uAchieve Client. If so, it will appear in a PDF format:


Otherwise, the audit will appear in the interactive HTML format that is native to Self-Service. Major sections of the interactive audit include the navigation menu(s), tab views (Audit Results, Performance Tracking, Applied Exceptions, Markers), interactive charts and graphs, and degree requirements:

About the HTML Audit

The HTML audit is interactive. It not only allows you to expand () and Collapse () sections of the audit, but also uses simple icons to represent complete () and incomplete () requirements and sub-requirements.

To ease viewing long audits, collapse and expand all sections using the Open All Sections () and Close All Sections () buttons at the top of the audit.

In addition, courses on the Select From: lines are interactive and link to the course catalog:

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