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The uAchieve Difference


uAchieve has evolved through the decades into a powerful tool that sets it apart from the competition.


Real-Time Interfacing

uAchieve's real-time interfacing with the existing student information system (e.g., Banner, PeopleSoft) matches a student's courses, grades, transfer work, and waivers to the program requirements, based upon institutional policies.


uAchieve has the flexibility to accommodate some of the most complex requirements from across the country, as well as internationally!

This eliminates the need for your institution to change their rules to fit our software. Some of this data is the result of encoding: the process of entering data into uAchieve, which requires no special programming and no syntax learning. Some of the data is built by software default, and almost all of the data can be adapted to each institution's rules, terminology, and branding.

Robust Functionality

The uAchieve course reuse and restriction options and the transfer articulation functionality are the most robust in the industry! In the matter of a few field entries, you are easily automating simple-to-complex rules. Voila!


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