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Transfer Articulation Encoding


uAchieve’s Transfer Articulation functionality (commonly referred to as “uAchieve TA” or just “TA”) is the process by which a student’s transfer coursework, military service transcripts, and exam credit is evaluated to determine equivalent credit and degree applicability at your institution.

TA provides extreme flexibility in the articulation of credit, grades, and exam equivalencies. These articulations can be specific courses, general or departmental electives, or categories needed for matching in the audit. Additionally, uAchieve can handle General Education and General Education category waivers based on state transfer agreements.

After running transfer evaluations, the resulting transfer articulation data is stored in uAchieve database tables and incorporated into students’ degree audits. The data can be delivered back to your student information system for purposes such as pre-requisite checking during registration. uAchieve also comes with a Java-based Transfer Bridge (for no additional license/subscription fee) that can be implemented by CollegeSource’s Services team (consulting services recommended) for this purpose.

Historically, encoding was only accomplished in the uAchieve Client via the Transfer button:



As of the 4.3 release, encoding became available via the Self-Service menu bar/Home page:


NOTE ABOUT SPECIAL CHARACTERS: We recommend against the user of special characters (e.g., "&", ";", ":") in your encoding practices. The use of special characters breaks JavaScript, which creates a problem in Self-Service since the TA Encoding area is JavaScript-based. Resultant performance issues may include high memory spikes and server disruption. Look for special characters that were incorporated in course titles, segments, and/or rules.



The Transfer Articulation page is generated. From here, you may Search available schools (by School Name or Source ID) or Add New School:


The total number of schools available for TA is hinted at below the Search text box field.


uAchieve and Encoding

The uAchieve application can:

  • Identify courses as Home (Target) courses or Transfer (source) courses
  • Recognize Transfer course naming conventions
  • Equate Transfer courses with appropriate Home course designations
  • Translate grades and credit from Transfer-to-Home values
  • Store course equivalencies per institution
  • Store program-specific equivalencies per institution
  • Store statewide transfer rules and agreements
  • Treat Transfer courses differently than Home courses in an audit report



Click directly in the Search field to search existing schools by either School Name or School ID.


New in 4.5.2  School search in the Transfer Articulation area is no longer case-sensitive.

As the search term is typed, a list of schools that match automatically populate the table under the search field.


Enter three spaces with the spacebar key on your keyboard to return an all-inclusive list of available schools.



From the TA screen, you can View () a particular school of interest:


Typically, there is only one IREF table per institution–at most two.



When clicking the View button, a combined list of all of the unique schools that the user has TA tables and IREF tables set up for will display:



Re-name any existing school via the Rename button. Edit the name and click the Change Name button to enact the new name change:


Clone, Edit, Delete

From an existing IREF or TA table, you may also CloneEdit, or Delete:



The School Name and Source ID are listed in the header above the table, along with the number of IREF tables (top) and Transfer tables (bottom) created for the selected school:

Click the Return to List () button to return to the previous search screen.


Add New School

Click the Add New School button () to add a new institution to the Transfer Articulation list. The Add New School pop-up window prompts the user to key in a school name and unique Source ID:

Click Cancel to remove the cancel the school addition, or Add School to continue.


When you log in to Self-Service Encoding, you must perform a one-time Add New School () for any of your "missing" schools in order to pull the information from the Client into Self-Service.

Our recommended best practice is to create all of your new schools via the Self-Service web app as opposed to in the Client.


Add uAchieve Tables

A blank list of tables appears where you may proceed with the articulation, which involves adding Institutional Reference (IREF) Tables () and/or Transfer Articulation (TA) Tables () for your specific institution:



These green action buttons will walk you through a wizard to assist in setting up a new table.



The wizard consists of several fields that help build new IREF and TA tables:


The wizard for TA will contain one additional field: DPMask (optional):



Fields Description

First Year Term


Input the First Year Term

(Default: 000000)

Source CD


Input the Source CD, if applicable



Input the DPMask, if applicable

DPMask field is for TA only


  • Create IREF button () to create a new IREF table
  • Create TA button () to create a new TA table 
  • Cancel () to discard the new table


IREF Tables

Institutional Reference tables (or IREF tables) outline several items for both your Home institution as well as each Transfer institution from which student may have courses, including the following:

  • course structure
  • institutional calendar
  • recognized grades

See IREF Tables to add new tables and other information.


TA Tables

Transfer Articulation tables (or TA tables) contain the rules for each Transfer institution that specificy what is generated as an equivalency at your Home institution when source courses are evaluated.

See TA Tables to add new tables and other information.


Edit Table

Edit any existing tables (IREF or TA) via the Edit button ().


Click the Save button () to conserve all data and changes made on the table screen to the database.

The Save button appears faded/deactivated () when the Save function is unavailable because no changes have been implemented to be saved.


Once the TA table is created, critical fields that are part of the primary key (i.e., Source ID, Source CD, DPMask, FYT, and LYT) will appear grayed out and cannot be edited (e.g., Source ID: )

Exit Table

Click the Exit Table button () to return to the previous articulation screen in Self-Service, where all IREF and TA tables are displayed.


Table Footer

In the footer of the table, two areas list modification details for the selected IREF or TA table:

  1. Last Modified provides a date/time stamp of the last change to the table
  2. By identifies the user (by username) who performed the last modification to the selected table

This information can prove valuable to encoders tracking changes in transfer articulation within the institution.


Three Characteristics of a Source Course

Information in the uAchieve tables changes incoming transfer courses into something your institution recognizes using the three characterstics of a transfer course: course identity, course credit, and course grade.


Course Identity

A Transfer course can be articulated into an equivalent course. uAchieve can artculate a variety of course sets:

  • one-to-one
  • one-to-many
  • many-to-one

uAchieve can also articulate transfer courses to departmental-level credit.

* Course information is stored in TA tables *


Course Credit

The credit associated with a course from an institution under a calendar system different than yours can be converted or articulated.


Course Grade

uAchieve articulates grades on Transfer courses into to those acceptable by your institution.

* Articulation of credit and grades is handled by IREF tables *


Adding Courses

In the Transfer Articulation area, use the Add or Save buttons to add courses in Self-Service.

The [Enter] button on the keyboard cannot be used for quick entry of courses at this time.



To learn more, consult the functional documentation and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below:

Documentation Description
Calendar Conversion Encoding Information Function document addressing how to encode for calendar conversions, e.g., quarter-semester changes
Transfer Articulation FAQs Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the new Transfer Articulation feature in uAchieve Self-Service
Course Condition Codes Setting course condition codes in the uAchieve client and workarounds


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