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IREF Table


The page addresses the role of the Institutional Reference (IREF) tables in Transfer Articulation encoding.

The Institutional Reference (IREF) table, identified at the top of the Transfer Articulation tab) consists of the following sections:

  • IREF table header
  • IREF tabs (and respective fields)
  • IREF table footer

IREF Table Header

The IREF table header contains three columns; the first two consist of identifying information and the last column in the upper right corner of the page contains function buttons to assist in creating a new table:

  • Microhelp: dispaly onscreen help for each field
  • Restore: restore the table
    • You will be warned about losing unsaved progress before proceeding:
  • Save: save the created table
  • Exit Table: exit table and return to previous screen

Table Type

This heading identifies the type of table displayed on the current page, in this case, an IREF table.

Click the Help button () at any time to see a pop-up window display of all TA keyboard shortcuts:


Institution name

Identifies the name of the institution

Critical Fields

Critical identification fields are in the center column:

Source ID

Source ID associated with the institution that was input when the table was created


CD associated with the institution that was input when the table was created (optional)


First Year Term (FYT) associated with the TA table that was input when the table was created

IREF Table Tabs

Five tabs separate the working areas of the IREF tables in Self-Service:

  1. General
  2. Default Tables
  3. Course
  4. Grade Definition
  5. Address


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