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IREF General Tab


When opening an IREF table, the General Tab is displayed, by default:


The IREF General tab is where the user defines general aspects of the IREF Table (e.g., School Name, terms, InstIDQ, InstID).

Once the IREF table is created (Save button), critical fields (Source InstID, Source InstCD, and First Year Term) will appear grayed out and cannot be edited (e.g., Source InstID )

School Name

Edit the School Name in this field, if needed.

Hide From Transferology & Reference Audits

Select this checkbox to hide the current IREF table from Transferology and reference audits:

Last Year Term

Courses beyond the designated date will not match this IREF table.

Source InstIDQ

Coding scheme used for this source institution, this setting defaults to the InstIDQ used for the Home IREF table.

Do not change this Source InstIDQ unless intentionally different for Transferology.

Report InstIDQ

Label used to identify courses from this institution on the audit.

Grade Class

Select a required letter case (e.g., uppercase, lowercase) of course grades for this institution from the drop-down menu

Grade Required

When the Grade Required checkbox is checked, a grade is required when manually entering courses.

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