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TA General Tab



When opening a Transfer Articulation table in uAchieve Self-Service, the General Tab is displayed, by default:



Once the TA table is created, critical fields (Source ID, Source CD, DPMask, FYT, and LYT) will appear grayed out and cannot be edited (e.g., Source ID: ).



School Name

Edit the School Name in this field, if needed.


Hide From Transferology & Reference Audits

Select this checkbox to hide the current TA table from Transferology and reference audits:


Universal DP Mask

Select this checkbox to complete the articulation process using the universal tables. This enables the primary institution's TA tables to be used for remaining articulation.


Last Year Term

Courses beyond the designated date will not match this TA table.



Free form text field used to document changes to the TA table.


Memo field is for internal use only.



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