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TA Segments Tab



The Segments tab houses the segments in a table by name, where Segment details can be viewed and managed:



Encoders have the ability to add multiple segments without the need to add rules because they can always come back to it later and add rules.



The number column (#) keeps numerical track of created Segments.


Segment Name

The Segment row highlighted in yellow is designated as the Selected Segment.


Segment Hint

Key in a Segment hint to help with encoding (optional); this is helpful for those institutions that incorporate unusual naming conventions in the Segment Name, e.g. using numbers to represent a department.



When a memo has been created for a Segment, the Memo button () will be "clickable," indicating that a memo is associated with the selected Segment. If no memo has yet been created for the Segment, the Memo button appears grayed out () and is not clickable.



Click the Details button () to edit the content of the table by adding/changing detailed content related to the selected Segment.


Fields on the Segment Details pop-up window include the following:

  • Segment Name
  • Segment Hint
  • Segment Description


Text added to the Segment Description field will prompt the Memo button to display and be "clickable."


Click the Close button ( or ) to exit the pop-up window, or the Apply Changes button () to see the content displayed in the table.



Click the Edit button () to access the Rules area for the selected Segment. 

See the page on the Edit Rules Tab for detailed information.



Click the Delete button () to delete the highlighted Segment.


Add Row Button

To add new Segments, click the green Add Row button (). The Segment Details pop-up window appears so you can input data into the Segment Name, Segment Hint, and Segment Description to save.




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