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Traditional Transcript Requirement with Specified Terms

The Requirement Name of the example requirement defined to support a Course History graph is TRANSCRIP. It is an optional requirement for the Program.

It is comprised of a sub-requirement for each chronological unit (term/year) to be reported in the Course History area of the interactive audit. Nothing is required at the requirement level. The Reporting tab for the requirement instructs uAchieve to hide the requirement unless a course is applied, and to suppress the overall completion status of the requirement in the audit report:

Each sub-requirement will be encoded without requiring anything and will accept courses within a date range indicating the academic period that would be displayed in the IA graph. The course date range (e.g., 2004 1 - 2004 1) is encoded in accordance with other encoded date ranges within your institution's uAchieve implementation.


Since the Text line will be displayed in the Course History of the interactive audit as the caption for the Term Summary vertical bar representing hours for this term, we suggest this text be kept short and descriptive.

The sub-requirement's Reporting tab should be encoded to suppress its sequence number and to only report when a course applies:

Additionally, the Skip Line set to 1 inserts some vertical space between the sub-requirements when the TRANSCRIP requirement is viewed from the IA as opposed to the graphic representation in Course History view. 

A sub-requirement to collect courses outside of the terms specified in the other sub-requirements is generally encoded with this kind of requirement. It can be listed either as the first sub-requirement (with a date range of 000000 to the term prior to the first term specified in a sub-requirement) or as the last sub-requirement, in which case no data range needs to be specified.


Alternately, see Transcript Requirement With Self-Defining Terms.


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