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uAchieve FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are common questions that are individually addressed.

FAQs contain dynamic content that is frequently updated, so please check back often. If you have a question to add to the list, contact us.

What's new in uAchieve 4.5?

See the complete list of what's new in 4.5 here.

I'm performing Transfer Articulation via the new web interface in Self-Service. Can I change my School Name?

Yes. The School Name field is auto-populated, by default, but may be customized to suit your needs. For example, you may change a generic "OSU" default to a designation that is more specific or applicable, such as "OSU-Quarters."

How long does installing a new server take?

It typically takes us about an hour to install a new server. However, we know exactly what goes where and how to do it. The following is the short list of things to do:

  1. Create database
  2. Install/configure server
  3. Write/choose StudentDataLoader (as of this writing, a Banner baseline StudentDataLoader is available from us. We are working on a PeopleSoft baseline SDL)
  4. Turn it on

Writing a StudentDataLoader is the longest part. Writing and testing can take as little as a few days to several weeks or more. The complexity depends on how complicated your current STUINST is (if you have one written for DARwin), and your familiarity (or access to resources that are familiar) with your student system data and setup, as well as your uAchieve (or DARwin) data and setup.

Please follow the documentation in the uAchieve Installation Checklist.
Reference the Configuration Reference for help with configuration.
Before you go live, read Optimizing uAchieve Performance for some tips on making the server perform better.

What DON'T I need to do that I had to in 3.5?
  • You don't have to have a microfocus license anymore–and all of the processing issues that came with it
  • You don't have to recompile the server once you've chosen your STUINSt, you only have to compile your StudentDataLoader
  • You don't have to setup an ODBC connection anymore
  • You don't have to place the u.achieve tables in the same database as your SIS
Will the server run on 64 bit?

Yes, provided a 64 bit JRE exists for your operating system. 64 bit JREs already exist for most operating systems.

Will the client run on 64 bit?

Yes, see Client Docs

Can Self-Service display text as an option too? Or only choice for HTML or PDF?

Currently, Self-Service only displays HTML and PDF formats.

Does uAchieve get installed on top of, say, a DARS 3.5.8 database install?

There are database scripts available to update DARwin 3.5.x tables to the u.achieve definitions. See Install and Configure the Server for a description of the upgrade options.

You gave minimum Oracle requirement, will it work on Oracle


Will installing the uAchieve Client affect the DARwin client? (e.g., DARwin 3.5.8)

No. You can run both versions of the client side-by-side.

Have you tested with Windows 7 compatibility?

Yes, uAchieve Client works on Windows 7, either 32- or 64- bit.

Will the current version of uAchieve include all functionality of DARwin 3.5.7?


Can you verify that uAchieve will run on SQL Server 2008 R2 and Windows 2008 R2?

Yes, uAchieve will run on SQL Server 2008 R2 and Windows 2008 R2.

Can you install on a virtual server? If so, how big does the machine need to be?

Yes, uAchieve Server can be installed on a VM.

We currently have two DARwin servers in production. They each pick up their own jobs based on server name (i.e,. ASU and ASU1).

You can accomplish this same functionality by using two request handlers in the same server install. A number of settings can be configured for an individual request handler. Internally, the jobs are put into the same audit queue and are run as threads become available.

Do we still need a second daemon to send the output to a file?

uAchieve can now save the reports to the local file system. This is a configuration that is done by request handler, so it can be in the same "server" install. But yes, it is similar to having a second daemon.

We are currently running DARwin 3.5.3. Will we have to upgrade to DARwin 3.5.6 before going to uAchieve 4.


Regarding DARSweb to Self-Service, do the XML forms (for exceptions) have to be reconfigured for Self-Service?

Yes, but we have a script for moving the DARSweb configuration options to the new Self-Service format.

Does all customized STUINST programming need to be reprogrammed in Java?

Perhaps not all of the customized programming should be moved. For example, there may be features available in uAchieve to handle situations that previously needed to be handled in custom STUINST code. For those customizations that are still necessary, they will need to be reprogrammed in Java. Information on writing student system interfaces can be found on the Student System Interfaces page.

Different levels of consulting packages are also available if you need help deciphering your STUINST code or implementing the interface in Java.

Can I run both the uAchieve and DARwin version with the same database tables?

Almost. The job_queue_ tables are just different enough that you cannot do it without some modification to the DARwin code. You'll need to get the modified pntpage code found on the uAchieve AuditTest page.

Trouble running DARwin IA with uAchieve?

Take a look at the FAQ page for DARwin IA to see if you find your answer there: DARwin IA FAQ

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