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How is it priced? Does it matter if I already have a license to uAchieve (or even DARwin) on-premise?


Interested parties should contact Sales for a quote. If you are a customer with an on-premise installation of uAchieve, the short answer is that a uAchieve cloud-based subscription will have a higher cost than your school’s current maintenance (which only provides you with 16 hours of support and access to resources and downloads).

In moving your degree audit to the cloud, CollegeSource will be taking on the configuration and maintenance of hardware, software, bandwidth, tech support, full upgrades every 18-24 months, initial testing of any upgrades, backups, performance tuning, etc. Today you spend some amount of resources on doing these things yourselves, either for uAchieve or another audit. We hope that you will find the cost of uAchieve in the cloud to be comparable to your current cost of ownership when you consider staff time, software licenses for the servers, and other expenses. We know it will be less stress for you to maintain! The ultimate justification for your move to the cloud may be more about your access to IT staff. If you struggle to secure time from your campus computing services to install and configure products, complete upgrades, tweak settings, etc., the cloud is probably a great fit for you. 

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